Melanoma Skin Clinic Highlights Melanoma Types and Stages Info

Melanoma is the most severe type of skin cancer disease, which could even appear to individuals without warning individuals. However, like other types of skin cancers, it also starts in the form of moles or any other dark-colored spot over human body. Major issue with this type of cancerous disease is that it could spread quickly in other parts of human body or tissue. Furthermore, melanoma cancer becomes deadly if it penetrates underneath your skin surface. Thus, in order to avoid death rate because of melanoma skin cancer and further damages to body, dr steve karagiannis skin clinic suggested that people should essentially stay aware of different types and stages of the disease in the attempt to prevent further complications.
Types of Melanoma

Majority of professionals working under Melanoma skin clinic categorized the severe type of skin cancer into further different categories. These include

Superficial Spreading Melanoma, which is considered as the common type and highly amendable towards simple excision

Melanoma In Situ is the earliest type of the disease that is completely curable with the help of proper excision process

Lentigo Maligna type of disease caused commonly to various elder patients and mostly over neck and face.
Acral Melanoma is mostly found over the sole of feet or palm of hands

Lastly, Nodular is the dangerous one, as it remains very thick whenever you go to diagnose and skin check in Ireland.

Stages of Melanoma

Other than collecting information about different types or forms of melanoma, it is essential for you to know its different stages. This is because; with the help of stages only, you can easily identify the severity of your skin cancer. Thus, dr steve karagiannis skin clinic also provides you information about different stages of melanoma.

Stage 1
In the first stage, you will find thing melanoma and epidermis in scrapped form. In this stage, you will even find subcategories to determine the thickness or level of tumor or ulceration.

Stage 2
Until its second stage, melanoma does not spread into the human lymph nodes. Here, you will find three different categories responsible for determination or presence of ulceration.

Stage 3
Whenever this type of cancer advances and approached to its third step, individuals will notice significant changes. During this stage, tumor of the disease spread into the lymph nodes. Doctors performing skin cancer diagnosis in Dublin said that the step is serious and brings many complications if left in undiagnosed condition.

Stage 4
In the fourth and the last step, the cancer spread into lymph nodes, which remain at certain distance from actual tumor or towards many internal organs. These organs include brain, lung, bone, liver and even gastrointestinal tract.
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Melanoma Skin Clinic Highlights Melanoma Types and Stages Info
Melanoma Skin Clinic Highlights Melanoma Types and Stages Info
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